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“Less than 24 hours after Samba had entered Liberia he found himself hustling through the jungle to get back to Sierra Leone. He went back across the river and into the bush on the other side, once again running without looking back.

Thoughts were exploding in his head. Can I make it to the other side of the frontline? Should I try Liberia one more time and just make sure to avoid the NPFL? He already knew the answer. Too risky. As he walked, he kept pestering himself, Where to go, where to go, where to go? But he had long since run out of good options and he knew it. When he finally made up his mind, he realized it had been waiting for him all along: “I took to the bush. I decided to go and live in the jungle.”

The jungle was, Samba figured, the only place he would be able to stay completely safe from rebels and soldiers and war. He would go and hide there until the fighting had come to an end.”

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The true story of a rebel fighter from Sierra Leone, Junior Rambo takes us on a riveting and gut-wrenching journey from peaceful village life through civil war to reconciliation. It traces the life of Moses Samba Kpambu, a villager who is forced at gunpoint to join one of the world’s most brutal rebel armies, the Revolutionary United Front, and rises to become the personal bodyguard of its legendary leader, Foday Sankoh.

Blending close-up narrative and sweeping historical vistas, the book offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at Sierra Leone’s decade-long conflict and the blood diamonds, child soldiers and heinous atrocities that made it notorious. But it’s not just a tale of suffering. It’s also an inspiring story of beating the odds, of love that refuses to surrender, and of holding on to humanity in the face of chaos and destruction beyond imagination.

Jakob Silas Lund first traveled to Sierra Leone in 2007 to volunteer with a local human rights organization. At a reconciliation bonfire ceremony for victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leone's civil war, Jakob met Samba, a former rebel soldier.

Samba shared his life story of brutal fighting and redemption and Jakob instantly knew he had witnessed something that needed to be told.

Over the next five years, Jakob interviewed Samba and his family, his former enemies and brothers in arms, and a range of experts of anything from military history to social psychology. The result is this book.

Jakob has previously worked for Amnesty International, The Center for UN Reform and the United States Congress. He holds a BA from Roskilde University and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University.

Jakob currently lives in La Paz, Bolivia, where he works for UN Women.

Jakob Silas Lund

Program Officer at UN Women


Forfatter: Jakob Silas Lund

Sprog: Engelsk

Udgivelsesdato: 18.08.2015

Format: Paperback

Sidetal: 376

ISBN: 978-87-92794-08-6

Genre: Fiktion, Historie, Historisk drama, Krig, Kultur og samfund, Narrativ non-fiktion, Roman

Forlag: SPITZEN Publish og Lemon Press

Pris: 203 kr.

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  1. kristinsorum
    november 17, 2015


    “An important and much needed part of the story of Sierra Leone, of the war, of the R.U.F., of what it means to live in a country that promises you no future, that hasn’t been told until now.”

    Ishmael Beah, Author of A Long Way Gone

  2. kristinsorum
    november 17, 2015

    “Anyone interested in knowing how so-called civil war affects those most directly involved, not just the leaders, both during conflict and in its aftermath will benefit greatly from reading this book.”

    John Hirsch, Senior Adviser at the International Peace Institute, United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone 1995-1998

  3. kristinsorum
    november 17, 2015

    Moving and engaging story, thought provoking insights

    “I loved this book. It gives no easy answers, but still manages to convey powerful insights and reflections about the cost of civil war – and about the human capacity for unspeakable atrocities, suffering, and ultimately – forgiveness. We follow the gruesome arc of the war through the heartwrenching and captivating story of Samba, whose nom de guerre, Junior Rambo, is given by a war lord impressed by his bravery. Normality and reason is replaced by violence and conflict – though fascinatingly somehow not devoid of friendship or love. Lund intersperses Samba’s personal narrative with historical facts and perspectives from leading figures in the conflict, achademic studies and the legal and political aftermath of the conflict. The result is a deeply moving and multifaceted personal story told by a former rebel, combined with analysis and reflections on a more general level. We emerge a little wiser, a little more wary of the tendency to oversimplify conflicts, and with a great appreciation and respect for the need for reconciliation processes in their wake.”

    Trine Christensen

  4. kristinsorum
    november 17, 2015

    A unique, engaging and touching account

    “Junior Rambo took me on a both stirring and disturbing journey through Sierra Leone’s jungle, villages, rebel camps and into the heart and soul of Samba; an ordinary guy turned guerrilla fighter. As it did so, it entertained me, scared and surprised me, but most of all it moved me. Getting a personal and different introduction to Sierra Leone’s recent turbulent history was merely a side benefit – what was really most rewarding was getting to know Samba and his fight to live, love and remain humane under very inhumane conditions.”

    Minna Højland

  5. kristinsorum
    november 17, 2015

    Excellent, well-written and thought-provoking account of the Sierra Leone civil war

    Lund offers an engaging, important, often shocking, sometimes even funny account of the Sierra Leone civil war and its aftermath.

    Martin Baake-Hansen

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